Senator Kim Thatcher
Oregon continues to face challenging times.  Agencies, too often, misspend your hard earned tax dollars and yet they ask you for more. Over- regulation is crippling Oregon’s potential to have a booming economy. People win when businesses have to compete with one another to attract the talents and services of working Oregonians.

The government has recently become fond of claiming that the economy is doing great. After all, the government has never seen more tax revenue in the history of Oregon. Unfortunately, when I talk to Oregonians, they are wondering “whose” economy is doing great? More and more there seems to be a disconnect between government claiming the economy is doing well and citizens who have a hard time seeing it in their personal lives. They are struggling to pay medical bills, find jobs that can provide for their families, often finding that they hardly have any money left after they pay for rent, utilities, insurance, and food. Oregonians need strong leadership to hold government accountable, demand the State Legislature push for a more business-friendly climate that will encourage the private sector to create jobs. What we don’t need is more D.U.R.T – Delays, Uncertainty, Regulation and Taxation. I want to help YOUR economy—not expand the government’s economy at the expense of your ability to provide for your family.


Even though tens of thousands of Oregonians are looking for work and having a tough time putting food on the table, well-intentioned state government programs continue to grow, placing a heavy burden on taxpayers. State government is not sustainable when attempts are made to provide services that are nice to have but not necessary.


We need to prioritize limited dollars for core functions like law enforcement, education, critical human services, and infrastructure; and even within these priorities, we must make wise decisions within the available budget. I will always remember that every single dollar the government has comes from you, the taxpayers.


In recent years I’ve helped make headway on common sense reforms to Oregon state policies and passed several transparency measures, but more work needs to be done. I’m honored to serve the residents of Senate District 13 covering Keizer, Newberg and St. Paul, Wilsonville, Sherwood, and parts of Tigard, King City, Hillsboro, Tualatin, and Beaverton.

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