Making Oregon a Better Place to Work & Raise a Family

  • Kim advocates unwinding crippling regulations contributing to Oregon’s housing crisis.
  • Kim promotes policies encouraging job/wage growth, a legal workforce and reducing bureaucracy.
  • Kim creates safer communities through bipartisan work cracking down on serious sex offenders.

Making Oregon a Better Place to Go to School

  • Kim pushes setting budget priorities including funding our K-12 schools first.
  • Kim supports policies helping local schools and parents foster individual student success.
  • Kim defends school choice options improving educational opportunities for all.
  • Kim supports effective and proven school safety and security measures.

A Pioneer for Transparency & Protecting Voters' Voices

  • Kim spearheaded the Oregon Transparency Website increasing accountability to taxpayers on state spending and programs.
  • Kim calls on all legislators to put their names on introduced legislation promoting transparency in lawmaking while bolstering accountability to voters.
  • Kim pushes to end legislative Emergency Clause Abuse preserving Oregonians’ right to say “NO” through referendum.